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Fun Stuff

School Day Hero

Tell us who your school day hero is.

Mix 97 wants to recognize those who go above and beyond, who spend their time making our kids better citizens, who really make a difference in our kids' lives.

Every Tuesday morning at 7:45am the Mix Morning Crew will announce the week's winner and spotlight the School Day Hero of the Week!

If your hero is chosen, they'll win a gift certificate to Wannamaker's Bakeshop!!

Latest featured hero:

Jon Wills

Jon starts every student and driver's day off with a smile and a wave! He's a cheerful face to see in the morning and is at his post and ready to work no matter what the weather brings.

Previous heroes:

Click any name to read about them!

Jon Wills

Mrs Laplonte

Warren and Cheryl

Hugh Culliton


Ted Ashberry

Meaghan Crowe

Mrs. Sarah O’Connor (teacher) and Ms. Katrina Neale (ECE – early childhood educator)

Madame Ross

Mme. Sarah Pilon (Partridge)

Megan Chisholm

Miss Hicks

Mrs. Tatyana Haddock

Ms Armstrong

Jennifer Morin

Mrs. Saunders

Mr. Long

Tera Brough

Patricia Lamer

Christine leveque

Mélanie Reynolds, Principal

Celine Allen

Mrs Koutroulides

Mrs Lisa Bailey

Amandah Terry

Lindsey Strong

Suzanne cholasta

Mrs. Kim Reid

Peter Gabriel

Mrs. Christine Burgess

Mrs Angela Covert

Dorthy Prinzen

Mrs. Krista Bashall

Diane Winmill

Mme. Aucoin

Anna Stoliker

Mr Gary Parcels

Richard Long

Sarah Wannamaker

Karine Vallières et Margaret Doyon-Nadeau

Sarah Malone

Valerie Cantagrel

Andre Mrozewski

Mr. Jack Bayfield

Arlene Peterson

Wendy DesRosiers

Kutis Hartnell

Dave Reed

Theresa Thomas

Jan Manning

Kim harvey

Ms. Honey


Darcey French

Tammy Kirby

Brain Brennan

Mr Gagné, Mr Gauthier, Mr Boudrias et Mr Larocque

Mrs. Elizabeth Goyer


Tyler Fischer

Betty Beck

Chef Sam

Miss Paranuke

Patrick Corbin

Mrs. Millen


Dawn deveau

mrs. stockerman

Kim Mahoney

Roy Lumley

Julie candler

Christina Colden

Mrs Lisa Friar

Mrs. Beth Vreugdenhill

Colleen Galway

Patricia Whalen

Sharon Dupont


Wendy Donovan

Tamara Bellemore


Mr. Norris

Marlene-Parkhurst bus lines 613-968-5109

Sonyi a Steen

Maggie Stevenson

Jo-Anne White

Travis Lawrence

Melissa Burns

Krista Paranuik

Khalid (Mr.Q)

mr Loucks

Ivan Smith

Mrs. Stockerman

Karen Morrow